A new year means new blends! From vibrant to confident flavors and every one in between.


2020 was a year that had us feeling all the feelings – excitement, sadness, hope and confusion to name a few. While emotions ran high, the LifeSpice team used this time as an opportunity to tap into our own feelings and let creativity flow into 2021. This year, we explore our many moods with our new 2021 Foraged Collection, inspired by what we feel every day. These spicy, sweet and bold blends featuring trending flavor inspiration fit any attitude, from confident to charmed and everywhere in between.

This collection features flavors with International inspiration as well as American classics, such as our ‘Smokin’ Butt Rub’ and ‘Awesome Anything’ blends that add savory, smoky, and bold flavor to every meal and are featured in our collection annually. A new addition to these favorite American flavors, ‘Charmed – Fiery Pimento Queso’, blends the classic cheesy flavors of Southern pimento cheese dip with a spicy twist, creating a captivating blend as charming as it sounds for a perfect addition to vegetables, dips and your favorite comfort foods.

Global flavor influence remains strong in 2021, providing plenty of appetizing inspiration for our new collection. ‘Optimistic – Amba’ is a fruity, sweet and spicy take on the popular Middle Eastern sauce with bright flavor that can be used in many ways, from a meat or fish marinade to a sweet dessert topping. ‘Confident – Red Curry’ tastes just as it sounds – a savory blend of red pepper and zesty spices true to the popular Asian sauce, a top trending cuisine in 2021. Try it with veggies or fish for a fearless flavor addition. Tangy garlic and citrus meet in the Latin inspired ‘Vibrant – Mojo’ blend, ready to electrify every dish while ‘Intrigued – Nuoc Cham’ adds a zesty sweet and spicy flavor profile to dips and meats, rounding out this collection. These bright, bold and delicious blends are the perfect way to experiment with your favorite recipes or meals by adding flavor dimension that fits your ever-changing moods.

As we continue exploring these new feelings and flavors, we will be sharing some recipes developed by our chefs that highlight these blends so you can try them for yourself. Head to our website to request your samples today and stick around for inspiration on how to add optimism, confidence, and charm to your favorite dishes.