Can one blend bring savory-ness, sweetness, and smokiness to a dish? It may seem hard to believe, but that’s exactly our Smokin’ blend’s superpower. This blend has been a LifeSpice favorite for years and it’s easy to see why. Smokin’ brings the perfect balance of paprika, brown sugar, chili pepper, garlic, and spices together to create a harmony of flavors, great for grilling, baking, and snacking. Barbequing at home has increased since the onset of the pandemic*, and our Smokin’ rub lends itself well to BBQ dishes as well as baked, fried, and steamed foods.

For your own dinners, snacks, and cookouts, our LifeSpice chefs have developed plenty of recipes using our Smokin’ blend. A delicious side, the Smokin’ BBQ Potatoes offer a great way to round out your meal without skimping on flavor. Looking for an afternoon snack or a game day bite? The Smokin’ BBQ Pork Bites are an easy savory-sweet crowd pleaser. Smokin’ is also a great dinner centerpiece, as seen by our Smokin’ BBQ Beer Can Chicken recipe, the perfect weeknight recipe and sure to make for great lunch leftovers.

Want to try it for yourself? Request a sample so you can enjoy the following recipes prepared by our very own LifeSpice chefs.