LifeSpice’s new office provides space for growth, culinary development, and improved efficiency of operations

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, JULY 6, 2022 – LifeSpice Ingredients is excited to announce the opening of their new Chicago Headquarters in River North. With over 17,000 square feet of space, the expansion has more than tripled LifeSpice’s previous offices, allowing it to build a cutting-edge Research and Culinary Center overlooking the city while offering growth for its Marketing, Operations, Customer Service and Quality & Regulatory teams.

Located on the 6th floor of an old bicycle factory, this new space features an open floor plan with beautiful views of downtown Chicago. Especially exciting is the new Research and Culinary Center, which allows LifeSpice to work alongside clients to create new, craveable products. The additional space includes expansive areas for flavor research, including a test kitchen for researchers and chefs, a spice blending room, and a presentation kitchen to showcase new, innovative flavors for clients. Built with sustainability and collaboration in mind, the space also features welcoming community gathering spaces and multiple conference rooms. LifeSpice’s President, Peter Garvy, is excited for the expansion: “LifeSpice has been experiencing explosive growth over the past few years. Our team members are the most creative and hardest working group that I have ever worked with in my career. The new space finally gives these team members the ability to more effectively collaborate on projects for our customers. There is definitely a buzz with our team from the new location and it is exciting to be part of it.”

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LifeSpice’s new Presentation Island and Test Kitchen


LifeSpice Ingredients is an innovator, developer, and manufacturer of proprietary seasoning blends for the food industry. Founded in 2009, LifeSpice balances the culinary arts and food when developing new products. This balanced team approach allows LifeSpice to deliver functional products with rich, innovative flavor profiles from their facilities in the US, Brazil and New Zealand. LifeSpice’s global vision caters to the everchanging market and evolving consumer taste trends.


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Marketing Manager

LifeSpice Ingredients

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