CHICAGO, IL, JANUARY 31, 2022 – LifeSpice welcomes Patrick Foy to the Human Resources team as our HR Manager, based in our Chicago office. Patrick is experienced in both HR and talent acquisition. Patrick will work with the entire US team to support LifeSpice’s growing team.

Patrick’s HR career spans across multiple industries, including transportation, recruiting, and mortgage industries, where he’s had responsibilities varying from managing payroll, to onboarding and offboarding, and performance management. Patrick cites a few reasons he enjoys working in HR, including interacting with different departments, and having an impact on company culture and growth. He’s excited to work in the food industry for the first time and sees this as a new challenge, as every day working in HR is different. He has learned the importance of over-communicating in this field so there is no confusion during the hiring process or when someone needs help, a valuable skill that will benefit LifeSpice as we continue expanding.

At LifeSpice, Patrick is responsible for recruiting, onboarding, payroll and benefit administration, employee relations, performance management and professional development. Our company culture is what attracted Patrick to LifeSpice, as well as his interest in working in the food industry, saying, “I’m so thrilled to join the food industry, which is a brand-new industry for me”. When it comes to food and flavors, Patrick loves making salmon, vegetables, and couscous and enjoys anything spicy. He is most looking forward to learning a new industry, working across multiple office locations, and collaborating in-person with our team members during his time at LifeSpice. Patrick’s efforts as HR Manager will help LifeSpice continue to build a strong and efficient team.


LifeSpice Ingredients is an innovator, developer, and manufacturer of proprietary seasoning blends for the food industry. Founded in 2009, LifeSpice balances the culinary arts and food when developing new products. This balanced team approach allows LifeSpice to deliver functional products with rich, innovative flavor profiles from their facilities in the US, Brazil and New Zealand. LifeSpice’s global vision caters to the everchanging market and evolving consumer taste trends.


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