LifeSpice Welcomes Rebecca Miller to the R&D Team

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, MAY 21, 2021 – Rebecca Miller is a new member of LifeSpice’s R&D Team based in our Chicago office as a Research Chef. Rebecca has nearly a decade of experience working in the restaurant industry in casinos, fast casual restaurants and everywhere in between, along with having recent business as a private chef. Rebecca’s background working with food in the restaurant industry provides her with key skills to succeed in flavor development with LifeSpice.

Rebecca particularly takes great interest in charcuterie and meat products. She enjoys this aspect of cooking because salt and sugar are all it takes to transform meat into a delicious snack base – something she studied under Chef Brian Polcyn during her time at Schoolcraft College. During the pandemic, Rebecca found work as a private chef where she would meal prep and cook for various events to bring fine dining into consumer’s homes.

Experimenting with food and flavors is what Rebecca loves most about being a chef and is a major aspect of what she will be doing with LifeSpice as she joins the R&D team, saying “I’m excited to add a Chef’s perspective to snacks and seasonings”. She will also spend time collaborating with the Sales and Marketing teams to prep culinary presentations and ensure that all our customer’s needs are met. Rebecca looks forward to continuing her exploration of foods and flavors as a member of the LifeSpice team.

LifeSpice Ingredients is an innovator, developer and manufacturer of proprietary seasoning blends for the food industry. Founded in 2009, LifeSpice balances the culinary arts and food when developing new products. This balanced team approach allows LifeSpice to deliver functional products with rich, innovative flavor profiles from their facilities in the US, Brazil and New Zealand. LifeSpice’s global vision caters to the everchanging market and evolving consumer taste trends.


Jessica Nagel

Marketing Manager

LifeSpice Ingredients

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