Savory, umami and a little kick is the perfect way to describe our Winter 2023 blend ‘Thaw – Spicy Miso & Garlic’ as part of this years Foraged Collection. ‘Thaw illustrates the way mouthwatering, umami flavors can be applied to a variety of foods, from pasta to popcorn, meats, and vegetables. With fermented foods and flavors trending in 2023, miso is a great flavor to explore adding to meals, snacks, and even sweets. Originating in Japan, miso is a fermented soybean paste that is used in lots of Japanese cooking – from soups, to sauces and more. With its rich, salty flavor and the presence of many vitamins and minerals, miso is in the flavor spotlight this year.

The addition of garlic, and a little bit of heat, rounds out this blend to create a crave-able medley. Request this flavor, or one of our other Foraged Collection Blends, on our website.