Southeast Asian flavors are in the spotlight in 2023. From light and sweet Filipino Ube to savory melt-in-your-mouth Thai Massaman Curry, these flavors deserve a place at your table. Inspired by this trending cuisine, our Spring Foraged Collection blend, ‘Vibrant – Thai Basil Lemongrass’, features a citrusy fresh flavor that adds the perfect touch to meals and snacks alike. Thai Basil Lemongrass alone has grown 5.17% in social discussion over the past year (Tastewise), making this an exciting flavor combination to try for yourself. Thai Basil differentiates itself with a bit of a kick, the perfect complement to fragrant lemongrass and an approachable flavor profile for a variety of applications. Pair it with buttery cashews, handmade spring rolls or as an earthy twist in your favorite cocktails.

Paired with spicy, sweet, or savory foods, this blend can make its presence known on any dish. Dips, nuts, chips, soups, and poultry are all great ways to try out this Vibrant blend, just in time for Spring.

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