The umami taste, or our ‘fifth taste’, is one of savory richness, commonly associated with meats, broths, and some vegetables. Like warm soup on a cold day, a toasty grilled cheese sandwich, or mouthwatering fried chicken, umami fills your mouth with flavors that are absolutely irresistible. Our ‘Umami’ blend is a tinned feeling of biting into your favorite warm, comforting, mouthwatering dish. This blend is a mix of parmesan cheese, fried leek, black truffle, olive oil, and black pepper that adds the perfect bite to meats, pastas, casseroles and more. In this year’s trend report from Kroger, they suggest the “umami trend is exploding across new products, multicultural cuisines, traditional cooking, and hybrid mash-ups”* proving that anything tastes better with a little bit of umami.  


‘Umami’ is a great addition to lunch and dinner, adding the savory flavor and elevated taste (thanks, black truffle!) to anything it touches. For some savory and comforting dinner inspiration, try our recipe for the ‘Umami Chicken Pot Pie’, perfect as one big pie or individual mini pies. For a more elevated meal, the ‘Umami Risotto with Poached Butter Lobster Tail’ is sure to impress, featuring some mushrooms for extra depth. The ‘Garlicky Truffled Mac & Cheese’ is a bold twist on a comfort favorite and a great main or side dish. With ‘Umami’, the possibilities are endless!  


Want to try it for yourself? Request a sample so you can enjoy the following recipes prepared by our very own LifeSpice chefs.