What do citrus, garlic and herbs all have in common? These are flavors found in Latin mojo! Mojo is a vibrant, zesty marinade that enhances the flavors of many meats, including beef, chicken and pork – the inspiration for the latest blend in LifeSpice’s 2021 seasoning collection “Vibrant – Mojo”. This flavorful blend packs dimensional flavor that feels like a tropical beach vacation with every bite.  


Originating from the Canary Islands, there are many versions of mojo that are common in cuisine across Latin America and the Caribbean – Mojo Rojo, Mojo Verde, Cuban Mojo to name a few – all with a garlicky, citrusy flavor base.  These Latin American flavors are continuing to prove popular in the United States in 2021, with 61.6%* of operators having these flavors on their menus in restaurants throughout the country – making the mojo meal possibilities endless. Our LifeSpice chefs prepared a few recipes featuring this blend to highlight the magical flavors of mojo on various meal staples, like chicken (one of the fastest growing ingredients* paired with mojo!) and potatoes.  Chicken, mojo and lemon come together in our “Mojo Baked Chicken Thighs” recipe for a tasty dinner full of fresh flavor. An American summer favorite gets a tangy twist with our “Mojo Pulled Pork Sandwich” recipe and the “Crispy Smashed Potatoes Recipe” is a vibrant twist on the classic side dish – a perfect meat-free mojo-packed snack. These fresh, citrus-y flavors leave a lasting impression and incorporate a little vacation into every bite.


Want to try “Vibrant – Mojo” for yourself? Request a sample so you can enjoy the following recipes prepared with this blend by our very own LifeSpice chefs.