an innovator, developer and manufacturer of proprietary seasoning blends for the food industry

Custom-made, proprietary seasoning blends

LifeSpice has a simple mission: develop custom, proprietary seasoning blends for food manufacturers while providing attentive, personalized client service. We create seasonings that deliver craveworthy flavors for a variety of food producers, from meat processors to snack food companies.

LifeSpice is not a spice house. Each seasonings we create is unique, formulated specifically for our clients’ products.

LifeSpice is a student of the marketplace

We constantly study consumer health and taste trends to discover the future flavors and products of our industry. We look to build intimate and long lasting relationships with our customer partners, with the goal of creating shared success. These intimate relationships allow LifeSpice to better anticipate our customers’ opportunities. We listen to our customers’ needs, and we look to the marketplace to help guide us in our development and creative process.

Where there is balance, there is success

Our philosophy and approach toward solving your flavor challenges is based on the principle of balance – where there is harmony between the flavors of a seasoning blend, there is great tasting food. Our teams of food scientists, chefs, sales and marketing specialists, and our regulatory group are involved with every project. Our LifeSpice teams know it is the interaction between all ingredients that make a balanced flavor profile and a successful product.  

How We Create

from ideation to shipment, our team will work with yours to craft the perfect seasoning

Ideation or Flavor Matching

Develop a new seasoning or match a current product with the help of our collaborative Marketing & R&D teams

Seasoning Development

Our team of talented chefs and food scientists will get to work developing your seasoning blend

Samples & Documentation

Once developed, we’ll send you a sample to test with your product, along with seasoning documentation

Review & Adjustments

Work together with our R&D team to make any adjustments to your blend, either virtually or in person

Order & Production

Work with your account manager to place your seasoning order, and place on floor stock for quicker shipments

Receive Order!

Add your new LifeSpice seasoning into your product production

Our vision is global

LifeSpice has a presence in the United States, Brazil, & New Zealand

Our Brazilian and American food scientists and chefs are experts in emerging flavor profile trends and intriguing new flavor developments, serving to inspire new products. Our customers recognize that our diversity is a source of strength, creativity, and innovation.  

Made to fit your business, anywhere in the world

We bring the expertise and global reach that the world’s leading food companies require. As an experienced full-service partner, we’re reliable at making food taste better while delivering unmatched customer service, regardless of our customers’ location. And because all our work is customized, we will package and ship seasonings according to your specifications. 

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