Reverse Engineering

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Match any seasoning

Many food manufacturers turn to us to reduce their supply chain risk of utilizing only one supplier or exploring competitive pricing options for their seasonings. Our experienced team can reverse engineer a seasoning blends taste, appearance, and texture, while maintaining existing labeling declarations. 

Re-engineer existing seasoning formulas

We can re-engineer existing seasoning formulas to meet Kosher, Halal, Gluten-Free, Low-Sodium, and Non-GMO requirements. Additionally, we’re experienced with converting existing GMO formulas into non-GMO seasoning blends. 

LifeSpice MatchMaker

Begin your next seasoning match project with our easy to use MatchMaker Kit

Matching, made easy

Whether you are struggling with the current price, quality, or supply of your current seasoning, our MatchMaker kit is here to make seasoning matching seamless.

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Reach out to your sales contact or through the MatchMaker form on our website. We’ll send you your own MatchMaker Kit.

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Included in your kit is a form that has space for you to list all the project details. Fill it out for each blend, and place in your box.

Seal & Send

No need for a new box – place the materials back in the Matchmaker box, seal it up and ship it back to us.

Develop Match

We will work on your match using the samples and information you provided us, and work with you on revisions to make your match perfect!

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