Research &

crafting craveable seasonings by balancing food science and the culinary arts

A complete, collaborative approach to seasoning development

Our Research & Development team takes a collaborative approach to developing seasonings, with food scientists and chefs working together with our marketing team to track current trends. This approach in turn assists our clients develop the perfect seasoning to bring their product to market.

Decades of experience in diverse product lines

Our R&D team is made up of a talented group of food scientists and chefs with experience ranging from Food Science Doctorate Degrees to Certifications in Haute Cuisine. Experience in both culinary and food science worlds gives our R&D a uniquely balanced approach to developing craveworthy seasonings for a variety of products.

Creative Process

Our R&D team takes a collaborative, creative approach to seasoning development

Meet Our Team

We’ll start by meeting with our clients to discuss the target product, opening a collaborative dialogue as we develop your seasoning blend.

Research & Ideation​

LifeSpice’s R+D team works with our marketing team to research the latest trends. Our research, along with direction from our clients, guides any creative development process.


Our team formulates our clients’ seasonings to fit the specifications and claims of their product line.


Once samples and documentation are delivered, LifeSpice meets with our clients teams to discuss any revisions needed.

R&D Center

Nestled in Downtown Chicago, our R&D lab inspires creative seasoning development.

We recently expanded into a new, state-of-the-art space, where our food scientists and chefs collaborate to formulate craveworthy seasonings. The space is designed to inspire collaboration with our clients as well, and we encourage to schedule a working session, to bring your product to market faster.

Development Benches

The core of our lab features expansive formulation tools

Culinary Center

A space dedicated to test seasonings in finished products

Quality Testing

Dedicated space for our Quality & Regulatory testing

Dedicated Mix Room

Dedicated mix room allows our team blend test run

South American Presence

South American Headquarters and R&D Facility in São Paulo, Brazil.

Our new South American headquarters was completed in 2022. Housing a state-of-the-art development lab, test kitchen, and expansive office space, this new facility greatly expands our presence and capabilities in South America.

Sensory & R&D

Space for seasoning development and sensory testing

Test Kitchen

A space dedicated to test seasonings in finished products

Corporate Offices

Expansive offices for client meetings and our LifeSpice Brazil team

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