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LifeSpice Ingredients is a multi-national corporation with offices, research and development test kitchens, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in the United States and Brazil. Our customers include recognized, respected names in the global food manufacturing industry.

Our global scope of operations enhances LifeSpice’s creativity and knowledge of available unique ingredients and flavors. Our Brazilian and American food scientists and culinary chefs are experts in emerging flavor profile trends, intriguing new flavor developments and artistic ideas for new products. Our customers recognize that our diversity is a source of strength, creativity and innovation.

LifeSpice Ingredients brings the expertise, the facilities, the responsiveness and the global reach that the world’s leading food companies require. We are an experienced, full service partner who can be relied upon to make food taste better and to also deliver unmatched customer service, wherever our customers’ manufacturing facilities are located. And because all of our work is customized, we will package and ship seasonings according to our customers’ specifications.

North American Headquarters

300 Cherry Lane
Palm Beach, FL 33480
561.844.6334 P561.844.6334 P
561.844.6335 F

R&D/Culinary Center and Test Kitchen

216 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60654
312.274.0073 P312.274.0073 P
312.274.2381 F

South American Headquarters & Test Kitchen

Av Dr Jácomo Nazario, 891
Cidade Nova
CEP: 13334-040
(55) 19.3392.7780 P(55) 19.3392.7780 P