Smoky flavors that pack a punch never go out of style and are leveling up this year. With new interest in both sweet and spicy categories, this ‘smoked’ flavor profile is establishing its place as a versatile seasoning element that brings new life to old favorites. LifeSpice’s signature ‘Smokin’ Butt Rub’ blend enhances the savory, sweet and anything in between by adding a distinctly bold flavor reminiscent of summer days spent grilling in the backyard.

It seems that nearly everything can be smoked to add a bold, rich taste. Smoked iced coffee drinks, smoked cheese snacks, smoked cocktails, and even smoky ice cream have graced grocery shelves and menus all over the country. These explorations suggest that consumers continuously seek ways to add new flavor to their favorite dishes. Smoky & spicy agree with each other well, as TrendHunter finds “consumers gravitate towards the richness found in smoky, spicy dishes”. Not only are smoked foods, spices, and flavors in demand, but they carry strong momentum behind them.

Our ‘Smokin’ Butt Rub’ can be added to meats, dips, veggies, and snacks to transform them into rich tasty goodness…it’s all up to you! For a smoky, sweet taste try out our ‘Smoky Maple Carrots’ recipe, featuring maple syrup and sea salt alongside our very own blend. The ‘Whipped BBQ Butter’ is the way to go for a rich, smoky addition to sandwiches, baked treats, or as a dip. If you favor the classic savory-smoked combination, the ‘Smokin’ Sriracha Salmon’ and ‘Pulled Pork Sandwich’ recipes are your best friends. Whatever smoky tastes you’re in the mood for, LifeSpice’s ‘Smokin’ Butt Rub’ has your back.

Want to try it for yourself? Request a sample so you can enjoy the following recipes prepared with this blend by our very own LifeSpice chefs.