Follow our creative team on their quest for unique, trending and cravable flavors.

LifeSpice’s philosophy of flavor development is grounded in a commitment to the Culinary Arts. We understand that the Culinary Arts promotes and encourages Chefs to share and learn from each other. LifeSpice has established a Culinary Council that creates an environment that fosters collaboration and inspires creativity. The Culinary Council is comprised of LifeSpice’s six Chefs, independent Chefs, Culinary Consultants, and Chefs from our Supplier and Customer Partners. The Council convenes on a regular basis in varying locations throughout the country, to investigate and better understand a wide range of creative topics. Findings, opinions and ideas from these “deep dives” are shared with the entire LifeSpice Team.

Our Culinary Council strives to:

  • Uncover and define flavor trends
  • Develop rich insights
  • Assist in creating and developing Glocal Seasonings
  • Stimulate ideas and fresh thinking to propel the development process forward
  • Discuss new technologies or processes to help flavor creation
  • Collaborate with our customer’s Culinary Team

The Culinary Council team has decades of industry expertise. Our team is uniquely talented in their individual background combining restaurant, CPG, R & D, baking and pastry, industrial and manufacturing, and military experiences together. The individual diversity of the members of the Culinary Council creates a true learning environment.

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