Global cuisine has been at the center of food trends for the past few years, from regional Chinese to Mexican comfort and classic Italian. After the onset of the pandemic and the inability to travel, consumers turned to food to experience new cultures and flavors they may not have tried before, including those from across Africa. The inspiration for ‘Magic – Mambasa’ blend includes warm, tarte spices with a sweet hint of tamarind. Eat This, Not That! suggests “this will be the year that African cuisine moves into the mainstream of American eating”*, with specific focus on regional dishes and flavors from Nigeria and Senegal.

‘Magic – Mambasa’ brings warm, spiced flavors to meats and veggies alike, whether in a cold salad or hot stew. Our chefs have crafted several dishes using our ‘Magic’ blend. Entrees like our ‘Overnight Oven Fried Chicken Wings’ and ‘Chicken Curry’ pair beautifully with our ‘Chickpea and Potato Salad’ or the ‘Tomato and Fried Shallot’, and can be served either as salads, sides, or appetizers. Fragrant, inviting, and magical flavors all stemming from one single blend!

Stay tuned for some recipes featuring this blend! Want to try it for yourself? Request a sample so you can enjoy the following recipes prepared by our very own LifeSpice chefs.