The leaves are changing, the cold wind is blowing through the air, and families across the US are prepping their pie crusts and casseroles, meaning one thing: Thanksgiving is here. Thanksgiving is a holiday full of reflection and spending time with loved ones, and everyone chooses to celebrate in their own ways. Some families wake up early and run a 5k, others put together an afternoon flag football game, but everyone sits down to the same meal at different tables at the end of the day. With a turkey in the oven and various preparations of the same sides, the Thanksgiving meal brings different flavors, memories, and traditions together. So, whether you’re a fan of mashed potatoes, corn bread, or the classic turkey, there’s always something for everyone on the table. 


When it comes to orders of Thanksgiving business, determining the star dish of dinner is always a great debate. It’s easy to default to turkey – what could make a stronger statement than the big bird in the middle of the table? According to the LifeSpice team, however, the answer is easy: the stuffing. In a strong vote, stuffing is the dish our team looks forward to the most in the Thanksgiving spread. The fluffy, savory, bread-y goodness that puts the other dishes to shame. Well, not entirely. The turkey, gravy, and cranberry sauce fell closely behind in the ranks, making them an honorable mention at our holiday feasts.  


With great food often comes great memories, and Thanksgiving is no exception. When asking the team to share some of their favorite holiday memories, food is often the focal point. Meghan, our Sr. Customer Service Specialist, remembers a time when her dog beat everyone else to the dinner table and ate all the homemade pies. Michael, our VP of Operations, thinks about the year his family catered their Thanksgiving dinner only to regret it, saying “Making a meal at home with love and care is crucial to a delicious and successful Thanksgiving meal.” When I reflect on my Thanksgiving dinners, I have memories of breaking the turkey’s wishbone with my sister in my grandparents’ kitchen – even though I often broke off the smaller piece. Whether it’s the smell of freshly baked pumpkin pie, your aunt’s secret sweet potato recipe, or buttery homemade biscuits, Thanksgiving dinner holds a special place in our hearts…and our stomachs.