CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 – LifeSpice welcomes Rebekah Ziesmer to the R&D Team as our newest Research Chef. She brings 8 years of culinary experience to LifeSpice, from being a personal Sous-chef to working in recipe development.

Rebekah was most recently a Development Chef at Conagra Brands, where she managed food demonstrations, developed recipes, and prepared dishes on camera over digital media platforms. Prior to her time at Conagra, Rebekah was a personal sous-chef for the Chicago-based, James Beard-Award winning chef, Stephanie Izard, working to develop recipes and assisting with her retail line of sauces and seasoning blends. Additionally, Rebekah worked with Frontera Foods on their lines of sauces and single serve frozen meals. Rebekah earned her Master’s in Nutrition earlier this year, and when she isn’t working, she loves running marathons and exploring the Chicago food scene.

As a LifeSpice Research Chef, Rebekah will continue recipe development while supporting the Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing teams. She looks forward to learning more about the science that goes into recipe development and exploring functional ingredients. “I feel extremely fortunate to be joining the R&D team at LifeSpice,” says Rebekah. “The company culture is fantastic, and I am already appreciating the level of talent, creativity, innovativeness, and professionalism I’ve seen here. I look forward to growing my culinary development skillset as well as demonstrating just how delicious food can be made with LifeSpice’s spice blends!” We look forward to seeing all the great work you do at LifeSpice, Rebekah!


LifeSpice Ingredients is an innovator, developer, and manufacturer of proprietary seasoning blends for the food industry. Founded in 2009, LifeSpice balances the culinary arts and food when developing new products. This balanced team approach allows LifeSpice to deliver functional products with rich, innovative flavor profiles from their facilities in the US, Brazil and New Zealand. LifeSpice’s global vision caters to the everchanging market and evolving consumer taste trends.


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