Looking for tangy, fruity all-around flavor with a touch of spice to add some freshness to your meals? Look no further than our ‘Optimistic – Amba’ blend, inspired by the popular Middle Eastern sauce that seems to go well on nearly everything. A sauce of fermented mangoes, chili peppers, garlic, turmeric, sugar and more, amba has found its way to street vendors and high-end restaurants alike while pleasing all palates. 


Urban legend tells* that amba was created in the 19th century, when mangoes were coated in vinegar and shipped from India to Iraq – thus creating its distinct flavors and ties with Middle Eastern cuisine. Another story goes that Iraqi Jews adopted the Indian pickling technique and brought it back to Iraq during the 1940s*. Since then, amba has been a popular condiment to add to meat, fish and tofu, and can also be used as a salad dressing or as a sweet addition to dips. For example, use amba spiced fish in an ‘Amba Fish Taco’ recipe developed by one of our chefs featuring the fresh flavors of white onion, lemon and cilantro chutney. Our ‘Pickled Amba Mangoes’ recipe is the perfect ingredient for a fresh, tangy salad topping or sandwich garnish, and the ‘Amba Sauce’ recipe is ready to inspire your meats, yoghurts and dips. 


Want to try ‘Optimistic – Amba’ for yourself? Request a sample so you can enjoy the following recipes prepared with this blend by our very own LifeSpice chefs.