Meet Kirsten Miko Navarro, LifeSpice’s Supply Chain Analyst based in our Chicago Headquarters. Kirsten has been with LifeSpice for a year.

Meet Meghan Addison, LifeSpice’s Customer Service Manager based in our Chicago Headquarters and Homer Glen Office. Meghan has been with LifeSpice for 7 years.

Q: What is your favorite food/flavor? Favorite thing to cook?

A: I love comfort food so I’m working on incorporating more Filipino/Japanese dishes into my cooking rotation. A popular Filipino dish I never get tired of is Sinigang, which is a sour & savory stew.

Q: What is your favorite flavor combination to eat?

A: Sweet and Savory. I don’t mean to start controversy, but I’m team pineapple on pizza.

Q: Favorite food/cooking related tv show, movie, or book?

A: I grew up watching Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern. I think it opened by eyes to how different cultures celebrated food as well as the different methods of cooking and flavor combos in different regions of the world. I developed a greater appreciation for food as well as pride in having Filipino cuisine represented in the show!

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

A: The people. In Customer Service, we not only interact with our customers on a daily basis, but we work closely with all departments internally. LifeSpice truly has an amazing team; we have a lot of fun at work and have built great friendships over the years! My second favorite part of the job is tasting the food our Chefs prepare in the test kitchen – they’re extremely talented!

Q: What is your favorite flavor combination to eat?

A: We have a family sandwich passed down for generations that my Mom always made for us growing up; Peanut Butter, (Dill) Pickles and Mayonnaise on toasted bread. Does it sound disgusting? Yes. Does it look disgusting? Debatable. Do the flavors meld into one beautiful combination? Yes!

Q: How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

A: With my husband and almost 2 year old son. We love to try new restaurants, travel and play wiffle ball in the backyard!