In 2021, we got back to exploring new cuisines, leaning into trends, and getting out of our comfort zone once more. While we enjoyed sharing our 2021 Foraged Collection with you, we are excited to announce the 2022 Foraged Collection is finally here! This new collection features blends that highlight today’s food trends through vibrant, unique, and delicious flavor profiles. These blends bring any dish into 2022 and make you rethink your favorite meals, inspire you to try something new, and get creative in the kitchen. Included are a few flavors that pack a punch, some sweet and savory combinations, and different international tastes that deserve exploring.  


A major trending taste in 2022 is “Umami’, an intense, savory flavor profile found in foods such as mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, olives, and various fermented foods. This mouthwatering trend found its place in our collection this year in a few different blends. Our ‘Cheesy’ blend mixes cheese and kimchi, a nod to the rising popularity of Korean cuisine in the States. For a more sweet and savory umami combo, ‘Magic’ is a tart, complex blend of spices reminiscent of East African cuisine. Aptly named ‘Umami’ brings together flavors of parmesan, black truffle, fried leek, olive oil, and black pepper for the ultimate savory flavor experience, perfect to add on chicken, your favorite chips, or in a cozy soup or pasta dish. 


Another top trend of 2022 are all things tropical; consumers are using their snacks and meals to transport themselves to vacation destinations. Just like consumers, we too crave tropical vibes, inspiring our ‘Hot Hot Hot‘ Caribbean Bajan and ‘Tropical’ Huli Huli, blends. ‘Hot Hot Hot‘ delivers bold, peppery, and garlicky flavors with a hint of citrus and a powerful heat punch on the finish, inspired by the Caribbean Bajan sauce. ‘Tropical’ is a sweet, pineapple barbecue flavor that can take any meal from basic to the beach in no time. Whether you try these tropical blends on grilled meats, roasted veggies, or add it to your snack routine, these lively flavors will not disappoint.  


Finally, spicy and hot flavors continue to reign supreme when consumers are looking to try something new, especially when mixed with other flavor profiles. Our ‘Green’ Salsa Verde, a classic spicy blend of jalapeno, onion, garlic, lime and green chilis, brightens up anything it touches with a fresh kick. This is a go-to blends for bringing life to your favorite grilled fishes, adding some flavor flair to fresh dips, or becoming part of your favorite meat marinades.


Hungry for more? Stay tuned as we continue exploring each of these new blends and sharing some chef-made recipes inspired by these flavors and trends.